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標題: Argus Bird Can Sense Earthquake [打印本頁]

作者: Elm    時間: 2010-5-22 23:13     標題: Argus Bird Can Sense Earthquake

Just read an article: Argus Bird Can Sense Earthquake

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作者: Elm    時間: 2010-5-22 23:16

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Can Animals Sense Earthquakes Before They Strike?
April 02, 2010

A new study suggests toads can detect impending earthquakes, calling to mind other examples of animals sensing disasters before they hit.

>>... The water wasn’t the only clue. The Moken also noticed that animals were acting strangely: Elephants headed for higher ground and dolphins swam for deeper waters. And the cicadas, “which are usually so loud, suddenly went silent.” <<

Read article: ... e-They-Strike-.html
作者: Elm    時間: 2010-5-22 23:40

網尋,上文 "Argus bird" 相信指 "青鸞(Argus pheasant)"。辨識有誤請指正,謝謝!:)


青鸞之介紹 國立鳳凰谷鳥園 關親山

>>青鸞(Argus pheasant)又稱百眼雉雞,
學名為Argusianus argus屬於鶉雞目、雉雞科鳥禽,主要分佈於緬甸南部、中南半島、蘇門答臘、婆羅洲及馬來半島一帶...<< ... amp;m2=97&id=51

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